Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Moment/Memory Jars

Reading through my emails this morning, I found this: 

and it got me thinking.  With all the crazy stuff that has happened to me lately, this would be a fabulous idea.  For my kids too!  To be able to quickly "remember" a special/happy/positive memory.  So tonight we are starting memory jars.  My idea is a jar/box/container that can be decorated to your own liking.  Then pretty paper cut into strips or squares.  On the paper we will note the date and then memory.  If the kids think it's stupid (which is a very good possibility) then I will do my own.  I will post photos here of the project. 

What do you think??  good idea?? lame?? too time consuming??  let me know.

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lynn said...

That does sound like a cool idea! Be sure to share photos of your finished decorated jar!