Monday, March 08, 2010

My Job Chart

I'm so excited about being able to review My Job Chart.  My girls are a little bit older, but there are still things that I need them to do:  like get up in the morning on time and get to sleep at a decent hours.  Plus putting away clothes, helping clean up after dinner and more.

With My Job Chart, I get to create a custom  chore schedule for the girls.  Points are assigned and rewards are earned.  it's a very cool little tool.  And the best part is:  It's FREE!

So, I know that you want to go check it out.  Here's a link that will get you there and you can sign up for your own job chart.

after you get to use it, please stop back and leave a comment about how it's working out for you.


Unknown said...

Hey thanks for mentioning us. Glad that you're using My Job Chart and finding it useful. My name is Joe. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve the site. We want to provide the best online chore chart system that really works for families .

Anonymous said...

好的部落格,希望您能繼續堅持!!! ........................................