Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Locks Giveaway

Last week, we were lucky enough to get to trial Hot Locks.  Jazz got to play with Morgan, and Lyric actually messed around with her too.

She's very colorful, very funky, and you can do lots of fun stuff with her really, really long hair.  She's a little bit of a doll, which is nice for keeping busy in the car.  But even just sitting on the bed messing with her hair was a time waster* as well.

Not only did we get one of these super cute dolls to try, we got one to give away!  if you would like Nahla to relocate to your house, just leave a note in the comments.  You must include your name and an email address.  (how else will I get in touch with you when you win!?!?)

I will take comments from today until 3/21, with the winner announced 3/22.

To check out more about these super cute dolls, go here

*Time waster=keep them busy and out of mom's hair.

1 comment:

Marsha said...

I have 2 little girls who would love this. They love playing with my hair all the time, it would be nice to have a doll that they can do more with.
Thanks & good luck to all,