Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Hey, all! Thanks for stopping by again. Today is very eventful/informative day, so I'm glad you came!

The link for A Soft Impeachment is probably not working. It's okay. I have temporarily made it private. I promise to let everybody know, via the blog, when it goes live again. I had to do this because I found a few typos and a couple of inconsistent facts that I needed to fix. It should be done this weekend, but again, I'll post here when you can get your copy, because I know that everybody is chomping at the bit to buy my book.

Jazz went back to school today. She was feeling pretty good yesterday afternoon and evening, and may have overdone it, but she got up and got going today. And I didn't get a call from the nurse, so we're good.

School bites. For me, not the girls. I have to take a test by midnight tomorrow over 3 chapters, but only two were assigned, until last night. Good thing I took the initiative to read the chapter anyway. 10 questions, 20 points, 3 chapters- you do the math.

Lyric is trying out for the fall play next week. She's super excited. I really hope that she gets a part but there are less than 20 parts for this particular play. So competition is going to be tough. At least her drama teacher likes her, and the choir teacher loves her voice (they are the ones that decided who gets in.

What else, what else? I thought there was something else I was going to say, but it isn't coming to me right now.


lynn said...

Glad Jazz is feeling better! Hope Lyric gets a part! Do you know what play it is yet? Good luck with your test. I haven't gotten the book yet so I'll be watching for the updated version!

Sooz said...

Looking forward to getting the book...keep us posted!