Sunday, September 28, 2008

2008 is a Trifecta!

First back in the Spring I won a contest from Barbara Delinksy . I actually recieved a signed copy of her newest book, a "life size" authographed poster and a phone call! I got to talk to her for about 15 minutes. I was super excited and thanked her for the call. You know what, she thanked me for reading and spreading the word about her book. Very nice lady.

Then in May, I went on my annual trek to Milwaukee. And I got to meet Rick Springfield . A lifelong dream come true. I got to share it with my two best friends, and that made it all that more fun.

Now, it is September and I got to meet Jason Thompson . FYI, I was going to sit on his lap, but Lynn told me not to. I'm just brazen and bold enough to tell him. I say "I was going to sit on your lap, but she told me not to." His response was "She should have told you to do it!" I totally called her out then. I said, "See, Lynn, he told me I should do it!" Sorry, Lynn. I hope I wasn't too bold for you. Thanks for suggesting we go. I'd definitely do it again.

I think it was finally my lucky year. I was due for some good karma and I recieved. Be sure that I will definitely do my best to pass along the goodness because I do believe in sharing, something, most of the time...LOL

Here's a couple of pictures of me with the guys.

And lets not forget, the most important guy. Here's a picture of me and Fisher taken last summer.


lynn said...

2008 sounds like your year! No, you were not too bold for me! I was thinking I really should have let you go first, then after saying that and calling me out, involving me in your conversation with him, maybe I would have felt a little more at ease when it was my turn. Oh well, live and learn. I'm glad we went too! I'm ready for the next road trip. Two Drakes down, one to go!

Amy said...

I've met Rick around 4 times, but I would love to meet Jason...he's such a cutie!

Sooz said...

Aw, the lap shot would have been good LOL! That's a great photo of you and JT, and of course with Rick and Fisher too :).

I'll have to dig up the photo of me and JT for a future blog, I want to meet him again! :) Such a nice man.