Monday, September 15, 2008

Money Making Monday- Signature Homestyles

The point of Money Making Monday is to spotlight a home based business. I've always seen myself as a home bases business person. I've done Mary Kay and Avon. I'm continually looking for THE right opportunity for me. So, as I do the research, I will post ideas here. If anybody is a consultant for any of these businesses and would like to give first hand info, please let me know. There is only a couple of requirements for MMM on my blog. 1) it must be a business that I would actually consider, and 2) it must be affordable (to me). I know I had a few on my other blog that were a bit steeper with the start up- you will not see them here. (Affordable to me usually means less than $100 start up, unless it is a product line I really love).

So, today's choice is Signature Homestyles.

$25 start up/deposit, and the rest of the $175 is taken from you commissions.
Included in your Show Case is:
(Over $500 Retail Value) :
Simply Seagrass Ladder Stand
Arched Tealight Holder, Cocoa
Down Home Plaid Runner, Small
Trailing Vines Runner
Rustico Berry Clips
Olive Chenille Trunner®
"Go to the Diner" Card Game
Passing Thyme Insert
Photo Frame Insert, Black
"Home" Photo Frame
Safe T Light Set
The Wall Wizard® Frame, Walnut
The Wall Wizard® Ultimate Frame, Black
Great Leaf Book Holder
Storage Basket Caramel
Small Rectangular Caddy, Chocolate
Rectangular Caddy, Chocolate Scroll
Divided Caddy, Caramel Scroll
Autumn Elegance Accent Plates: One Spice, Mustard Chocolate and Olive
Rustico Leaf Swag
Classic Collection Cube, Toffee; Large Rectangular Basket, Espresso & 2 Small Baskets, Toffee Classic Small Caddies (1) Toffee and (1) Espresso
Love Plaque

Product line is storage and decoration (which I am getting ready to do at my house)

website for more information:signature homestyles


Amy said...

I have an award for you at my blog :D

Aim said...

aw, thanks! I'm going to check it out!