Thursday, September 25, 2008

Name change

Since Amy seems to be one of the coolest and most popular names around blog land (and you know I totally made that up), I changed my display name to Aim, you know, like the toothpaste. But I guess if I was going there, I should have changed it to Colgate. Funny story from middle school.

It was the end of 7th grade. We were signing yearbooks. Most people addressed mine to Amy or Aim. One boy, I believe it was Jim Fox, said that Aim was a toothpaste not a name for a girl. he said if we were going to do that, my name should be Colgate. And so I was, for the next 6 months until I moved. How funny is that??

So anyway, Lynn, you will now be able to distinguish me from the other Amy's (I saw that there were 3 of us today that posted on your blog, all in a row). If need be, I can tweak it again later. But for now, Aim works.

On a semi related note, I have a funny story from Lyric's school. The teacher was asking her what she liked to be called. Her "real" name is not really shortenable, but she did it. Anyway, she told the teacher that she used either/both and it didn't matter. Right after that, a friend of hers piped in with- "My last name looks like Mitchell, but it's pronounced Jonas". Is that the funniest damn thing you ever heard? I told Lyric that I was going to tell people my last name looked like what it is but is pronounced "springfield", she was highly disgusted as only teenager could be.

Also, Lyric has decided that she is marrying Kevin Jonas. I said he's too old for her (7 year difference), and she says "you and daddy are 7 years apart"...which is totally true, but it's a little different when you are 20 and 27 instead of 13 and 20. I have a feeling she will date/marry an older man. She is my daughter by the way.


Amy said...

At our girls ages, we wanted to marry Rick Springfield and he was 20 years older than us! HAHA!

lynn said...

Did I tell you that Skowt is dating Nick Jonas? Maybe we'll be related someday!

Sooz said...

My daughter has just gotten into the Jonas Bros. this year, so I'm sure it won't be long before I hear who she wants to marry this week :). I am cracking up over Lyric's school story. Didn't we all practice writing our last name as Springfield at some point? (Hey were we supposed to stop doing that? LOL...)

Ah I wondered why the switch to "Aim", works great.