Thursday, August 24, 2006

TIme flies when you're having fun....

Where did the time go?!? It seems like just last week I was heading into to Chicago to see WICKED, oh wait, that was just last week. Since then, the girls have started school, I have started school, I have had several discussion about the lack of customer service with our school's transportation department (I mean how hard is it really to let one 7 year old get on the bus when you are already stopping there?!?), and we are all trying to adjust to our new schedule. In a couple of weeks, I'll throw in girl scouts on Monday nights and I'm sure everything will go to hell. it's not a bad schedule, just busy, different. Last night I spend 2 hours on homework. I studied like a fool and keep getting the same vocab words wrong. What is up with that? It should not be that hard.

Thanks to all who "informed" me that yesterday was Rick Springfield's birthday! I already knew that, but it's nice to know that people are thinking about me. (And he looks great for 57. check out his website for recent pix. You won't believe it!
I almost brought treats to work to celebrate, but then I figured that was a little too hokey, so I didn't. Here's to self control!

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See ya later~


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