Monday, August 07, 2006

As Promised

This picture was taken by one of the fabulous Rick photographers a few years ago. Sahara is still as adorable as ever. Here's the information on the fund raising effort.

if you would like to use paypal send your money to (keep in mind we do lose money in fees) if you would like to send check, money order, or cashiers check please send it to:
ashley kish 8750 mayfair Taylor, MI 48180.
We have reached almost 100 wristbands in less than 24 hours which is AMAZING keep the orders coming. ALSO: I MUST receive payment by august 20th in order to receive everything by sept. the cost of the wristband is $5.00 and the tshirt is $15.00. You can also get the shirts in ANY size from a small to 4XL. They are 50/50 pre shrunk.
if possible please email me once you send out your payment so i can keep an eye on the mail.

If you are so inclined, please consider helping. The wristbands will have "celebrate youth" on one side and Sahara's name printed on the other. I don't know if a color has been choosen yet, but the discussion was of pink/ purple/ something bright. the shirts will say "Believe" on the back, and I think Sahara's pix on the front. I could totally be wrong. If you want to know for sure before you order, email Ashley at the email addy above and she will fill you in.

See Y' later~

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