Thursday, August 17, 2006

Off to see the Wizard

Oh, yes, ladies and gents, we are off to see the wizard. Today is the long awaited day that we go to see WICKED in Chicago. the girls know all the songs, have saved money for souvenirs, are looking forward to eating downtown. Mom (that would be me) is not looking forward to the drive into Chicago, the traffic in Chicago, or the one way streets in Chicago. But I am looking forward to the show. It should be very interesting and entertaining. I even offered to give my friend Kelley a "concert call". Baby has picked out her white outfit, so that she can look like Galinda/Glinda. Lyric is wearing her new favorite jeans and who knows what else. Mom is totally undecided. K and M are coming with us, so it is totally girls night out. However, non alcoholic it will be. That's fine. I'd hate to get a little toasted and then lose one of the kids in downtown Chicago. (that was supposed to be funny, I hope you all laughed). Look for tomorrow's recap of the show!

Til next time!

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