Friday, August 11, 2006

sleepover or sleepless

Tonight is our annual girl scout sleepover. This will be the 6th time we've done it, not including camping. Somebody tell me what was I thinking!?!? No, no, I'm kidding. I love being a Girl Scout leader. It gives me a chance to connect with the girls, spend special time with my own, and be a kid again. Tonight's Theme is Hollywood! We are earning the music, dance and theatre badges. I have a play for them to perform, a red carpet for entrances, and music to dance to. It should be a good night. Some of the girls aren't going to be able to attend, but we'll just make due. Some of the attending adults may have to take parts in the play, which should be pretty funny! it's call " when nursery rhymes attack" or something funny like that. I have to get the "ballots" created so they can vote and we can do our award show. First Annual Troop Awards. That should be a riot in and of itself.

we are also going to make cards for Sahara. I'm not sure get well soon is the right thing to say, thinking of you? feel better? sorry your sick? Hmmm, I'm going to have to think that over. Anyway, I hope that she will like them.

Til next time~

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