Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's true, patience is a virtue....

A week or two ago, I found that one of the classes I'm taking had an opening at a different time. It wasn't the section I wanted, but it was better than what I had. I told myself to wait, and if it was still open when I got home, I would switch. Guess what? It wasn't there when I got home to check. So, I continued to check daily (or multiple times daily, if the truth be told) and there was nothing. Now, in general, my schedule was decent, but I was going to have to make some changed to some things that would effect others. But, today is my lucky day. I checked mid morning and found that the math section I wanted had 2 openings. So I took it. Now my classes are both on Tues/Thurs. I even have time between classes to go home and have dinner with the family. How cool is that? The funny thing is, if I had switched to the other A & P class, I would not have been able to change the math class I changed today. Go figure! Patience is a virtue. Now if I could just instill that in my kids.

Til next time~

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