Wednesday, September 08, 2010

One For The Money

Yes, It is finally time.  Janet Evanovich's book "One For the Money" is finally being made into a movie.  I'm a little torn over some of the casting though.  I always thought that Sandra Bullock would have made a terrific Stephanie Plum (main character).  Katherine Hiegl got the part.  I've seen a few pix from the filming and I think she will fit the part well.

Ranger is my favorite guy...and the guy they picked to play Ranger- SMOKIN!  Daniel Sunjata.  Dude, this was the best casting ever!  Morelli is being played by Jason O'Mara.  He doesn't look like my version of Morelli, but maybe he can pull it off.  And Sherri Shepherd is playing Lula.  Well done, Casting director.

This movie doesn't come out until next July, but you can bet that I will be there opening weekend!


lynn said...

Daniel Sunjata.....there's that name again. I need to go look him up!

Unknown said...

Im on her mailing list. Love her books. This one should be a good book.