Tuesday, May 18, 2010

young at heart idol

Lyric is a finalist in the first annual Young At Heart Idol Contest.  She will be performing May 29th and if she wins she gets $200.  (Second place is $100 and third is $50).  She is in the 11 to 15 year old category.  (There is also 16 to 20 and 21 and up).  Winners are decided by audience reaction, so we are rallying the troops: our friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family, co workers and whoever else we can think of.  My mom and I are going to make posters this weekend.  I'm so excited for her to have this wonderful opportunity.  I know she will do a great job.  I would love to see her win!  (Duh, what mom wouldn't)  I just hope that I can hold back the tears.


lynn said...

Good for her! I wish her all the best!

Unknown said...

Great!! How fun-I will cross my fingers!