Friday, May 14, 2010

Water, water everywhere...

I hate water!  I didn't used to hate water.  I actually like a nice shower, long bath, soak in a hot tub, and even sometimes swimming.  But I've had water issues in my basement two times since I moved.  A month ago. 

The first time was the weekend we moved in. It was because there was a big hairball in the pipes.  (I didn't see it, that's what the guy told me)  Jazz was taking a shower and all of a sudden I hear water.  Lots of water.  So I go to investigate and both my kitchen sinks were full, the floor was a puddle and water was leaking into the basement!  It was awful.  Thank goodness the maintainance guy came over right away.  But it didn't get fixed the first time.  they had to send the plumbing guy back a few days later. Since then, it's a been good.

Then yesterday morning, I went downstairs to get some clothes and saw that the floor was dirty.  Investigated a little further and stepped in a puddle.  Investigated more and realized that I had a huge mess down there.  So I did my best to squeegie the water toward the grain, get stuff up off the floor, and see what I could save.  Called the maintainance guy to let him know that not only was there water in my basement, but  I could see it dripping down one of the walls.  He headed over to check it out.

Now, a lot of the stuff down there was in rubbermaid type containers.  There were a few things on the floor that I could not save.  No big deal.  Until I got home last night and really started looking at what got wet.  Somehow, one of the buckets that I keep the girls' school papers in got wet.  Not just wet, but WET WET.  I started pulling out papers and as the water was dripping off the art work and report cards, the tears started dripping down my face.  I saved a few select things, hoping that when they dry out they will be semi okay.

The kicker is that the kids probably don't even care about that stuff.  But there were so many cute art projects and stuff that I never photographed.  And now they are just gone.

So, leasons learned: 1) photograph kids art work right away, 2) even in rubbermaid, stuff is not save from water, 3) don't leave cardboard boxes on the floor in the basement, 4) be thankful that nobody got hurt.


lynn said...

Well that sucks! You guys just moved. Hope you dry out soon.

Elliott said...

Yeesh. Been there on both counts, neither is fun. Even now, with a 'guaranteed waterproof' basement, I'm still on guard.