Monday, May 10, 2010

A little Excitement and a Rick Concert too!

Friday morning, while I was working away, trying to get everything done before I left for Milwaukee, I got a phone call from Lyric's school.  She might have broken her ankle.  So, I bolted on out of work, drove to her school and went back to work.  (I actually work next door to the immediate care clinic).  An hour and a half later, we were out of there.  X-ray'd and splinted.  No break, just a sprain.  (But a very colorful one at that)

Got her home and settled and then ran all the errands that I was already planning to do.  I was able to get everything done that needed to be and we headed out of town.  Here's a few of my fave pix.  (This new camera is pretty awesome!)

this is the view with no zoom

singing his heart out

super cute smile (Nice to see him sporting the scruffies!)
I love this one for some reason...

singing and smiling

This one turned out pretty dang cool, I think.


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You did get some great pics with that new camera!! I had fun. We need to do it again soon!!