Thursday, November 05, 2009

Music Music and More Music

As you can tell from several of my recent posts- music is a huge part of my life. In general it always has and even more so recently. I haven't had time to watch TV so my ipod is my constant companion. Today you get to see a random list of what comes up on shuffle. I added music to my ipod recently and I have 1050 songs loaded right now. That's a lot of music and it's all varying styles. Pop, rock, 80's, broadway, movie soundtracks, etc. Different music for different moods. I did listen to Daughtry's Leave This Town for 2 weeks straight. Now, I know all the words so I can move onto something else....

Here's the random list:

I Saw Red - Warrant
All My Friends Say - Luke Bryan
Senior Year Spring Musical - HSM3 soundtrack
I Want Action - Poison
Overcome - Creed
Living in Oz - Rick Springfield
Where I Wanna Be - Waltham
Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now - Hairspray soundtrack(Broadway version)
Don't Walk Away - Rick Springfield (If you have read my book, you should know that this is the song that inspired the scene where Derek goes to ask Abbi to come home. If you haven't read my book - Why the heck not?)
It's Your Wedding Day - The Wedding Singer soundtrack (broadway)
Hold On - Jonas Brothers (dude, I have a pre teen and a teenager in my house)
Entr'acte - Mama Mia soundtrack
Broken Again - Another Animal
Earth to Vanessa - The Squirts
Let Me Sign - Twilight soundtrack
Walk All Over You - AC/DC
The Middle - Demi Lovato (this is a Jazz song)
Dance Hall Drug - Boys Like Girls (I like this band, they kind of sound like Secondhand Serenade)
Learn My Lesson - Daughtry
I Don't Know You Anymore - Savage Garden

So, do you like any of these songs?? Not heard any?? Need any suggestions for new music you might like?? Let me know. I'll do a mixed CD of Random Songs and send it to one lucky winner! In your comment make sure you leave me a way to contact you.


Mindi said...

I LOVE MUSIC! So happy to find your blog via mom bloggers club! :)

F.T.M. said...

So I'm just visiting your blog from MBC (the FM group)..and am so glad I did. I also am obsessed with music, but I'm surely not as knowledgeable as you are. I'm currently following you.

I just started my blog and I'd love for you to stop by my page.

Keep up the great work on your blog!