Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yes, that's right...I was missing in action.  But there wasn't really any action.  I was at home suffering and recovering.  It seems that as you get older you are more prone to injuries caused by sleep*.  The other night I pulled a muscle in my neck while sleeping.  it was sore but manageable until Sunday morning.  I could barely move, it hurt in any and all positions and I would almost say it was the worst pain I've ever had.  (and I have given birth!)

So, my very lovely and wonderful mom drove me to the immediate care clinic so I could get it checked out.  I was glad to hear that the doctor thought it was just a pulled muscle (I was starting to worry about broken vertebrae, broken neck, etc etc).  He gave me some very lovely medication and I was able to rest and relax.  Actually, once I took the meds it was out of my hands.  GOOD STUFF!  I ended up staying home from work on Monday and Tuesday.  I'm back in the swing now, trying to play catch up on everything.  It's going slow.

Over the weekend, I also found out that my two bestest friends in the whole world are finally getting married (to each other!) after 15 years.  I'm super excited for them.  Not because I didn't always think they'd be together but because he's wanted to marry her for years and she's been holding out.  They've both been married before and I think she was a little scared!  You may get periodic wedding planning updates.  The wedding is set for next September so we have a lot to do before then. 

Anyway, I'm off to finish up some more work type stuff before lunch.  Have a great day.

*This is not an official report, it's my own philosophy.  :-)

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lynn said...

I'm always getting sleep related injuries! LOL Glad you are feeling better.
Congrats on your friends engagement!