Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Soft Impeachment- Preview 2

Abbi had to take a package to Derek while he was working.
It was a slightly overcast day as she made her way around the pool,
heading towards the studio. She had left the boys in the family room
playing videos games, and she hoped that the rain would hold out
until she got back into the house. She wondered if Derek had ever
considered a tunnel from the house to the studio. It wasn’t a long
walk, but it could be a wet one if there was a bad enough storm.
The studio was located on the far side of the house, around the
pool and behind the garage. Derek loved having the studio here,
because if he worked late, it was only a few minutes until he was in
bed, verses a long drive across town. He also had a guest cottage in
case any of his clients needed to stay after a late night.
Abbi had the package in both hands and wobbled a little on
the small walk. She made it to the studio and she shifted the package
to a hip so that she could knock and opened the door almost
simultaneously. Derek was sitting at the mixing board.
“Oh, Derek. I didn’t know you had somebody in here
She couldn’t really tell who was sitting next to Derek. Derek
leaned back in his chair, hands behind head and smiled.
“What’s up, Abbi?” he asked casually.
Abbi froze. She looked past Derek and was looking into the
sparkling green eyes of Rick Springfield.
“Abbi! Hey! What’s up?” Derek asked again.
“Oh, um, sorry. I was just bringing out this package from
Jack that just came.”
“Thanks. We’ve been waiting for those,” Derek said and
Rick nodded.
It was then that Rick stood and came towards her. She felt
like she was twelve. She was frozen in her spot, watching him get
closer and closer. He quickly stuck out his hand.
“You must be Abbi. Nice to meet you. I’m Rick.”
“Springfield,” she said softly, shaking his hand.
“Yup, that’s me.” He threw a look over his should. “She’s
cute, Derek. And very articulate, too.”
Derek chuckled as he watched Abbi. She was still frozen,
staring up at Rick, not quite holding, but still touching his hand.
“Um, Derek, I gotta go. But here’s the package from Jack
that just came.”
“I know. You already said that.”
“Oh. Yeah. Okay then. I gotta go.” She slowly pulled her
hand out of Rick’s and clumsily backed towards the door. “Bye.”
“Nice to meet you, Abbi,” Rick said.
“you, too.” she was a walking bowl of jelly as she left the
studio. She heard Derek’s deep laugh as the door shut.
When Derek returned to the house later, he found Abbi
reading in the den. The boys were in bed, and she was curled up on
the sofa with just the table lamp on.
“Hey, Abbi. How was your day?” He asked sitting next to
her feet.
“Rick said you were cute and seemed very nice.”
Abbi’s cheeks flamed. “What?”
Derek was grinning. “He said you were cute.”
Abbi knew that he was teasing her. At least she hoped he was.
“Derek, I’m so sorry. I’ve never acted like that before. I’ve never
been star struck. But if anybody was going to do it, he would be the
one. I feel like such and idiot.”
“You should have told me you were a fan. I would have
introduced you weeks ago.”
“weeks?” she squeaked. “He’s been coming here for weeks?”
She threw here head back and moaned.
“Abbi, I do believe that you are blushing.”
She playfully punched his arm. “I don’t blush.”
“Oh, but I think you do.”
“I’m so embarrassed.”
“Don’t be. And you know what? Rick was right. You are
kind of cute.”

The book will soon be available through www.lulu.com. I'll be sure to post a link here once it's ready to go!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Amy.

lynn said...

Aaah!! I should have know Rick would make an appearance. Very cool.