Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Many Shows Have You Been To??

I've been trying to compile a list of the Rick Springfield concerts I've been to, along with a set list if I can find it. It's definitely a work in progress. But here's the actual list. Where, when and who I went with.

Dane County Coliseum (Now has a new name), Madison, WI
With Barb. This is the show that started it all

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
with hubby, and Jody

Ridgefest, Chicago Ridge, IL
with sister in law, niece and oldest daughter

Zanzibar EWmpress Casino, Joliet, IL
hubby, Jody, Ron and Dana (GREAT SHOW- Hubby even admitted it was entertaining, however, he doesn't like to admit that he has seen Rick in concert more than once)

Potawatomi, Milwaukee, WI
Jody (I think this was the show that she called me two days before and TOLD me I was going. She had already cleared it with hubby!)

Potawatomi, Milwaukee, WI
Chris, Kelley
(This show was 2 weeks after my emergency appendectomy. hubby was joking that that doctor hadn't released me to travel, I told him the tickets were bought and I was going. I actually drove there and back!)

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Chris, Sarah and Melissa (Kelley was supposed to go, but ended up working that night so I called her at work.) I loved this venue and I wish Rick would go there again. Drive time for me is about the same as to MKE, but I jsut love the outdoorness, openness of this venue!)

Potawatomi, MKE, WI

Aqua Fest, Rice Lake, WI
Technically went with hubby and the kids, but I was the only one IN the area. They sat back behind the gates for awhile, then headed back to our resort. We started our vacation a day early this year so I could go to this show. hubby's cousin lives in Rice Lake and she suggested it. It was so worth it. I made it on stage and in the paper....I wonder if I can find that clipping?!??!)

Beloit Riverfest, Beloit, WI
Chris, Kelley, Diana, Melissa, Laura
This was by far my FAVORITE show/venue ever! IT was outside, by the river. The fans were great. The show was great. The weather was great. I have an awesome picture of all of us together. This was just a really fun night. and it was the first time Kelley got to touch him. (I really have created a monster!)

Coronado Theater, Rockford, IL
Kelley, Melissa, Dina, and my mom plus we met up with some other friends before and after. This was a fun night too. We were all a bit scattered because we had bought tickets, then Melissa and I both won tickets from the radio station. I want to know what happened to winning tickets from the radio station and being up front, though. Our seats ended up being in the balcony. This is the show that was filmed for HD. Nice of Rick and the boys to come to my town for once.

Potawatomi, MKE, WI
Kelley (are you seeing a theme yet??)

Potawatomi, MKE, WI
Kelley (continued theme)

Potawatomu, MKE, WI
Kelley (duh) and Melissa
This was the first year that we stayed over. It was great. Nice to hang out at Blu after the show and just not have to drive back home a midnight.

Frontier Days, Arlington Heights, IL
Melissa, Hallie, Lyric, Baby, and Kelley and her hubby!
This was a free show and I have to say thanks to Carey for getting there early and saving spots or we would have been in the back forty!

Potawatomi, MKE, WI
guess who? Kelley and Melissa and Lynn meet us there
Stayed over again this year. Got to meet some more people (Ally, it was soo nice to meet you and I'm glad we have a great pix to commemorate it!) This was also the show that we all (Kelley, Melissa and Myself) got to meet Rick after the show. Memories, memories, memories!

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lynn said...

I've been to 36. You've got some catching up to do girl!! I've been trying to get the set list for all mine too.