Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eat Your Vegetables

I had such a mom moment last night, and Baby finally hit with a great bit of sarcasm. I was so proud of her. Here's the scenario.

Fisher offered to take the girls to DQ (Dairy Queen) if they both spent some time reading. I bumped it up a bit and said they had to eat some corn with dinner as well. (These two things did not happen at the same time, mind you.) baby loves corn and actually had 3 spoonfuls. Lyric on the other hand, hates corn, and was going to try to get up from the table without eating it. Hence mom's rule that there would be no DQ unless the corn was consumed.

Now, I'm not really a meany, and I don't force food on either of them. I had a really bad thing happen when I was 5 and I still don't eat peas. Can you say "Negative food adversion". (Learned that in A & P!) Anyway, Lyric can and will eat corn occassionally and I didn't need her to eat the whole bowl. Just something to make me feel like they have some sort of balanced diet.

Anyway, Lyric gets up from the table to clear her plate, I'm in the other room. "Did you eat your corn?"
"Yes, and Baby is my witness."
at that moment, Baby pipes up with "What corn??" in all seriousness and straightfacedness she can muster.

I laughed loud, long and hard. It was perfect. It was a moment for the memory books (or at least mom's blog). After Lyric went to her room to read, Baby asked "Mom, was that really a good one?" I told her it was the best! And it made me laugh all over again.

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