Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Storming...you don't know what you've got- til it's gone

Last nights storms were a bit much. The skies started getting dark and gray around 7:30 and by 8:30 the wind was blowing and whipping and the raining was falling (ie pouring) and ....our power was out. At about 9, I checked with the electric company and the recorded lady nicely told me they were looking into our problem and our power would be restored approximately 10:45. (The whole neighborhood was out, not just our house). We lit candles, opened windows, and tried to stay calm and cool (baby was having a bit of a fit during the storm....and for those that don't know, she has a couple of sensory issues that could make or make her day/night). We sent up a lantern so she could read and kept the mood light. At 10:30 I had to go pick up Lyric from practice. There were limbs down all over and LOTS and LOTS of houses with no power.

Got back home around 11. No power. Called ComEd again. And the nice recorded lady told me 12:45. So, I'm figuring sleep is a lost cause. Baby's a bit out of sorts (she can't have a nightlight or a radio with no power) and I'm hot, tired and cranky. Good thing Fisher and Lyric came to the rescue. Fisher got his radio out of the boat, and Lyric agreed to sleep on the hideabed with Baby. Done deal. I'm in bed.

At 4am, I wake up and realize the living room light is on! Woo Hoo....we have power. I love air conditioning. Here's hoping I get a good night sleep tonight!

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