Wednesday, April 16, 2008

98 and counting...LOL

Okay, so I finally got that pesky link fixed for my new blog. It only took a week. I'd check, it would look good, it would not work. Helps to have ".com" at the end! Oh, boy. Anyway, the link is up now so if you have any suggestions for that blog, let me know.

I also see that Becky updated Zach's blog with a whole bunch of information, so check that one out as well.

Not sure what else to throw out right now. Kinda feeling crazy with it being the end of the semester, Lyric having practices for 2 plays this week and Baby just counting down til summer. I have 2 papers due for my class, plus another test and the final in the next 3 weeks.

Oh, and we still don't have tickets to see Rick Springfield in May. We know it's going to work out, but when, I ask, When? When will we get the tickets we want?? (Actually never, because we want front row and that ain't happenin', but we're open to ANYTHING ON THE FLOOR! ) So, we keep checking.

1 comment:

lynn said...

You are one busy girl!!

Hey, we don't have tickets either. I wasn't too worried at first, but the closer it gets the more I wonder what's up this year!

Good luck to us all.