Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's 100th post

I thought about doing "100 things about me" or "100 of my favorite sayings" but that didn't seem to fit. So I just decided to do "100 words".

I started this blog for fun. It’s worked, most of the time. I enjoy it. There’s really no pressure. I don’t HAVE to blog, but if I want to, I can. It’s easy. It’s free. Sometimes, it’s even therapeutic. I can write about work, about the family, about my hobbies (Rick Springfield, reading, writing), about school, about my friends. I can write about anything. I don’t think that I have offended anybody yet. If I have, it was completely unintentional and I am very, very sorry. I’m hoping that this blog is around for a long time. Thank you. Me

1 comment:

lynn said...

I hope your blog is around for a long time too. I enjoy reading. Here's to 100 more!