Monday, April 14, 2008

this makes 97

Posts that is. I'm planning something fun for 100, which should be this week. Nothing new and exciting going on really. Lyric has a performance this week (actually 2) and then we are done with the school musical. But the local one isn't until June, so we'll still be running her around 4 x week. Baby is going to be starting dance. She didn't get into either academy that she auditioned for and I think it was as hard for us to tell her as it was for her to hear it. She cried and cried, little bitty sobs. Oh, it was awful. But it's going to be okay, she does not have to do everything that Lyric does. She WANTS to, but she doesn't need to. So we are going to focus on dance and sports (soccer or volleyball) and let her be her own person. That's all we want of our kids anyway, right?

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