Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's not quite daily post- Books I Am Reading

yes, all at the same time.
* Sam's Letters To Jennifer- James Patterson
* Four Blind Mice- James Patterson
*Losing It-Valerie Bertinelli
*Heaven in your eyes- Can't remember the author
*Seaview Inn- Sherryl Woods
*Naughty Neighbor- Janet Evanovich (
(I'm sure the other authors have websites as well, I just don't know them for sure off the top of me head- oooh, I know what tomorrow's post is going to be!)

and occassionally, picking up the good old Microbiology book- Spring Break is over, People. Gotta get back to learnin'.

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lynn said...

I can barely get through one book at a time nevermind six!!