Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's happening already....

Baby now has magazine posters on her wall. (Tiger Beat to be exact) One wall, three posters (zac Efron, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers). I remember when I was in 7th and 8th grade and started putting posters up. Rick Springfield, John Stamos, Paul King, any cute boy that was in one of those magazines. Now, a "few" years later, the only ones that have still survived are the Rick Springfield ones. (and I'm sure that some of these were Tiger Beat- now I have to check!) But let me just say, Baby is 8....is that too young for magazine posters? And when she told me that she was talking to the posters while she was playing in her room, I knew that she was destined to be just like me. before you know it, that poster of Zac Efron will be hung on the wall to match his actual height and she will be standing in front of it to see how their heights compare.

Lyric has has posters on her walls for a couple of years, mostly Daniel Radcliffe...she is a huge Harry Potter fan...There are a few other ones up there as well, but mostly those.

And I can't really say anything, because Fisher is the one who bought the mag for Baby. He actually went back to the store later to get same magazine for Lyric. Now, there is something wrong with that. they are 4 years apart. Aren't they supposed to like different things? Or am I way off base? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the age thing. Apparently it's different for all kids (girls especially). In fact, I'm wondering why my 13 year old daughter does NOT have 'teen idols' or posters up of her favs. She never even talks about that stuff. (although she's watched her High School Musical DVD infinite times). She really doesn't have many favs (so she is NOT so much like me or how I was growing up!) She has one photo up of Elvis (a metal sign type thing she got for Xmas last year)and she has a basic poster of the group from High School Musical that she just bought, but hasn't even hung it up yet...and that is it! So I guess the 'worries' can go either way. I have been wondering for some time now if it's 'normal' to not have heroes and idols.

I don't think 8 is really too young. (but when it's your "baby" I'm sure it does feel too young!) I had guys on my wall at 8-9 years of age too. lol And yes....from Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, etc. Some of the main ones I remember 'loving' at your daughter's age were Scott Baio, Shaun Cassidy & Elvis. I even had a few pics of CHIPS on my wall at one time! LMAO!

But then it all changed for what I'd consider the better. ;-)
At 13 it was Rick Springfield for me as well, posters and pinups everywhere of that beautiful man & his guitar....and well, 25 years later it's STILL Rick Springfield in my life. I LOVE that man. ;-) He's the best musician out there imo and I'm so happy and grateful he's still touring and making awesome rock and roll.

That is a pretty tough question you posed. But I suppose it differs for all kids and it depends on what they like. I'm just happy my daughter isn't into something 'weird!' lol

Have a great day. :)

Kelley P.

Anonymous said...

John Stamos is still there!
He is in Er now!
Have been in showbiss over 20 years1

lynn said...

My 8yo is the one with the posters too! Her favorite is Zac Efron. I was wondering the same thing as Kelley, my 12yo has posters but not of any "idols". Mostly just animals and stuff.

Aim said...

You're right, Kelley. It does depend on the kid (and the parents...LOL) It is cute in an "I can't believe that my daughter is growning up" way.