Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I love Bon Jovi....

and not in the 14 year old girl "someday I want to marry him" way, or not in the "he's so wonderful" way...but in the Jon Bon Jovi is a wonderful man, doing good things, who is down to earth and REAL. Not only has he been able to keep his wife and kids out of the limelight for like 20 years, he keeps working hard, cranking out good tunes, working with the same guys all that time, and in his "off" time, he does things like help with Habitat for Humanity (did you see that video Jon and the boys did with Jennifer Nettles??) and now he is involved with Project HOME. (Actually, I think that he founded it). I saw a little interview on Fox News this morning with a family that received their home this way. Jon Bon Jovi was at their house (can you say- WOW) and the little girl who was like 9 said that she didn't know that he was a rock star. He was just "a normal human" darling is that?? So, I love Bon Jovi- the band, the music, the man and the whole dang thing.

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