Friday, November 02, 2007

Lots of good stuff....

1) I was checking Lynn's blog the other day, and then clicked "next blog" at the top of the page. I was surprised and thrilled to find Cute, funny, cheeky. Check it out.
2) another of the blogs that I happened upon (and I'm sorry that I can't remember which one) but it was written by a mom. She had code names for those in her family. I loved that idea. I try really hard not to put names in, but oldest and little one are kind of lame. So from here forward: hubby will be known as Fisher, Oldest will be known as Lyric and youngest will be known as Baby.
3) NanoWriMo is into day two, as is Nablopomo (is that right?) Anyway, one is for writing every day and one is for blog posting every day. (For the month of November anyway.) So far, I'm doing great at the blog thing, not so good at the writing thing, but I have high hopes that I will complete the challenge this year (even if the writing doesn't make a lick of sense, which, at this point, seems highly likely).

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