Monday, November 12, 2007

Night two of Basketball...

Lyric is trying to be an all around student. The play finished Friday night and Saturday morning she was off to basketball tryouts. Tonight is night two. At the end of the night, she will get an envelope. Inside it will either say- "Thanks for trying out, sharpen your skills and try again next year" or it will say - "See you tomorrow". IF you get a see you tomorrow envelope, that means one more night of try outs. Then on Wednesday the team will be posted. The 8th grade team will actually be posted tomorrow. And then tomorrow night is just for the 7th graders. I'm a bit worried for her. But, she seems to be okay with whatever the turn out will be.

So, to that end, I hope she's channelling her dad's energy and maybe Sahara could just give her a little boost!

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lynn said...

Wish your daughter good luck for me! Hope she makes the team.