Friday, July 21, 2006

Starting out write...right?

What does a mom of two who works full time and in planning to go back to school think she is doing putting one more thing on her to do list? I don't know. Silly me. I know sometimes I have moments of clarity, and this is probably not one of them. I figured that I could use this to give updates on my novel, track my whole school career, which should prove pretty interesting and may turn into a book all its own, and to help promote the blogs of my friends, as well as other things I like (books, music, TV, authors, etc) So who knows what will show up here on any given day. And yes, yes, I promise to do my best to post every day! I figure that will give me the first burst of routine and it should help with other things (getting the book done, studying, etc). If I find out that it turns out to be a big pain or a big waste of time, then I'll stop, but right now it seems like a good idea. Thanks Charlene for inadvertently giving me the idea.

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Anonymous said...

yay for you!! blogging is a great place to start! you can go at your own pace and not worry as much about the formalities of writing. have fun!