Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun with the kiddies...

I went home last night with the worst headache I've had in months. Okay, not the worst, but nobody likes to have a headache. Anyway, took some medicine, had dinner and rested on the couch. The headache started to go away...thank goodness. Just as I'm thinking I could put the kids to bed early, The CMT Muscial Festival comes on TV, So we turn it up, pop in a tape and start dancing! Great exercise, probably not the best idea just coming off of a headache, but whatever. The kids loved it, and I must admit, mom did to. It was overall good music. It was great to hear Wynona do a Led Zepplin song, loved Keith Urban with Brooks & Dunn ( did anybody else notice he wasn't wearing a wedding ring? Was this recorded before the Aussie nuptuals?). I'm not a huge Kenny Chesney fan, but I thought what he did for his fans was great (two of them got to fly on his jet, with him from New York to Nashville) and they will never forget that experience...hint, hint, Mr Springfield. Anyway, I'm glad that I watched it.
I'm not so glad that I flip flopped channels (during commercials) and wasted time on GH (General Hospital). I mean, in general I like that show, and that fact that there are occassional sightings of one Mr Rick Springfield,or his McDreamy TV son, it's usually worth it, but GH is starting to turn into Days (of our lives), but maybe it was just a bad day for GH. Maybe I was really just mad because there was no Dr Drake Sr, and Dr Drake Jr really needs to take off that nerdy sweater vest that he was wearing, really...REALLY!
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