Monday, June 07, 2010

Catching up

Wow!  I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since YAH.  Ms Lyric didn't place.  She was actually tied for third, but when we did the "cheer off" the other girl won.  She was a great sport about the whole thing....and I hope that she really enjoyed the experience.  Her performance is up on youtube.  Search for AmyK93.  She sang "Somebody to Love".

We added to our family yesterday.  We got two kitties.  Bella and Bondi (my girls renamed them) came to live with us and as soon as I can get them to come out of hiding and to face the camera, I will post pix.  They are 8 years old, sisters, and very pretty kitties.  I'm hoping that the "pet therapy" will be a plus for Lyric and for Jazz. 

This past weekend some really crazy stuff went down with Fisher.  I probably haven't said much about it, but we are getting a divorce and it is definitely not what he wants.  But it's what I know is best for me.  Maybe someday I can tell more of the story but right now, that's enough.

So, there's the latest and greatest from the Random House.

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lynn said...

Sorry to hear she didn't place, but glad she had fun trying!
Saw your comment about pics. I'm in.....let me know what you had in mind.