Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, Hello

Hi, there, bloggy world!  Hope everybody survived the weekend okay.  We did a whirlwind of family gatherings.  Tuesday - Lyric's birthday, Wednesday - dinner at our house (usually this is done Christmas eve), Thursday - out to eat, Friday - food at my mom's and Fisher's brothers.  Saturday we got a little bit of a breather, but E came over and then Fisher and I took the girls, E, and two cousins to see Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Sunday was church, grocery shopping, Indian food (thanks, Darla!), and then family sledding.  I didn't go because for some reason my neck is bothering me again.  Last night was dinner with Sarah and the girls. 

My girls are trying to fill up the rest of their week as well, and I am having none of that!  Well, maybe a little of that.  They are both making plans for New Year's Eve.  Jazz is going to a sleepover, Lyric is hoping to babysit.  Lyric is about $30 away from having enough money to pay for driver's ed.  I'm coming to terms with it.  I don't want my hang ups to become hers.  And she won't get her license for a year anyway, so she might as well "practice".  It still is creeping me out a little.

What did Santa bring me, you might be wondering.  Santa brought me a Sony Cybershot.  It's honestly not a camera I would have picked out for myself, but so far I LOVE IT!  It has some fun features (smile detection and a food photo setting) that I've never seen before, but I've taken quite a few pix in low light and they are turning out great!  Somewhere in the settings I saw that it can focus up to 23 feet away!  I expect Great pix of the Rickster this year, no matter where our seats are!  I'll post some of the other photos I've taken soon.

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Working Mommy said...

I hope you post some of those FAB pics for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow!!!