Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

and it's a darn good thing that I'm done with school!  Jazz had dance last night so Fisher ran her back and forth while I tried to find an adaptor for the tapes we use in our camcorder (no go) and picked up a few more Christmas gifts (score!).  Tonight Lyric has a show choir performance.(did you see Taylor Lautner's show choir skit on SNL?  Funny funny stuff)  Tomorrow, daytime Lyric has a show choir performance.  Tomorrow night, Jazz has a band concert.  Thursday night - 7pm - holiday musical for Jazz.  Thursday night - 8pm - band concert for Lyric.  Friday night - NOTHING!  Thank goodness.  except it will probably turn into a shopping night because I have a little list of people to finish buying for.  Saturday is busy with Girl Scout stuff and then a hockey game.  Sunday is church and cookie baking.  Monday - first day of Winter break.  I'm sure the girls will sleep in while Fisher and I get up and head to work.  The good thing is, when I don't have to get Jazz off,  I can sleep for almost an extra hour.  YAY for extra sleep.

I'll try to put up some pix of Lyric in her show choir outfit and link to the SNL skit. I'm also going to link another one because it is funny, funny stuff.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday!

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