Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Creed - Live DVD

I bought myself a little after Christmas - Christmas gift the other day.  As you know from previous posts, I love Mark Tremonti.  Not in an "I want to marry him" way, but in a "he is so freakin' phenomenal on the guitar" way.  So when I found out that Creed had recently filmed a concert DVD, I went on the hunt.  Wouldn't you know it, I found a copy at Wal Mart.  It was the same price as Amazon (and I didn't have to pay shipping!) so I picked it up. 

I haven't watch the whole thing through but the concert stuff is pretty cool.  I wish the cameras would stay still a bit more, but hey, what can you say about a band that's in the Guiness Book of World Records for most cameras used to film a live show. 

The behind the scenes/interview stuff is interesting.  I'm always interested in the how's and why's of stuff.  I hope to have some time this weekend to check out the whole thing.  But what I have seen so far is very cool and worth the money.

Alter Bridge also has a DVD so I think I'll be getting that for my birthday.  (AB is another band that Mark played in when Creed was on their break) 

If you are a Creed fan, or a Mark Tremonti fan, or even a Scott Stapp fan (which I am not) you should really check out this DVD.  If you have a big enough screen and a good sound system, it could be a lot like being there!

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Working Mommy said...

Oooooooo... I bet this would look FAB on the 60 inch screen and surround sound...YAY!