Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Precious Little One - Giveaway

It's somebody's lucky day! I'm giving away a copy of My Precious Little One by Rick Springfield. (click on the link and you can listen to samples at Amazon.com) It's his newest release. It's lullabys. It's awesome. And for one of my lucky blog readers, it's FREE!
Entering for this contest is only slightly harder than the last one.
You need to comment that you would like to win, but also in a seperate comment,
tell me who is your "precious little one".
(Blog identities - if you don't use your kiddos real names - is okay! I don't need the information, just wanted to give everybody a change at two entries!)
So that's it. A couple of comments and in a week, we'll have a winner.
Entries accepted today (10/20) through Wed, Oct 28.
I will again assign numbers based on entry submissions and use random.org to pick the winner.
Good Luck, Everybody! "Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting"


Sonya said...

I would LOVE to win this cd. I've always liked Rick Springfield and I didn't even realize he had a lullaby cd. Thanks for this contest!

Sonya said...

Now about my "precious little one".
My precious little one is my 3 year old grandson. He came to live with me when he was 14 months old and I now have permanent custody of him. At first I questioned God, why would he let me start over raising a baby at 49 years old? My two kids are grown now, I've done my time, why?
In a few short months I found out "why". It was at that time that my world began to fall apart. Within a 4 month period, both my only brother, and my husband of 26 years (a non-smoker) were diagnosed with late stage lung cancer . My husband was given 7 months, at most, to live. 6 months later my dear sweet daddy died. My mother, who was already suffering with chronic kidney failure, learned that she needed a kidney transplant within the year. It was during this time I found out "why" things happened the way they did with my grandson.....he is what kept me going. My reason to be strong, and keep fighting. He's my Precious Little One!

Gina said...

My Precious Little One..

My precious little one is my 9 year old son Pat (Pasquale jr). He was born 2 months premature and was in the hospital for 2 months. He was on ventilators, respirators, oxygen machine, feeding tubes, the first time I saw my son, I fainted by his side. After having 3 children all healthy and full term, I never saw a child who had machines living for him. There were 3 times, we were called to the hospital that things didnt look good and to have the church and funeral home on notice. But all 3 times, he came back stronger and better than ever. Year later, years of every therapy, physical, speech, occupational and developement therapies and he taught me that when you want something you fight for it. He wanted to be alive and he proved it. Today he is a beautiful 9 year old boy who is so friendly, kind and giving and still likes to cuddle with his mom and is not afraid to admit it. LOL


Anonymous said...

I would like to win this CD for my friend from high school. She is a full time mom and has a hard time putting her 5 yr. old down to bed and her 9 month old baby. This would be a great gift for her.

Anonymous said...

my precious little one is my 16 year old daughter, not so little i know. But she is.

Enchanted Soul said...

I would so love this item of our ROCK GOD.This is one I haven't received yet an usually always have his items the day they are released.

Enchanted Soul said...

My precious little one would have to be my son David.I have been Ill most of my life, I have been bed ridden many of times where when I needed to take care of him as a child he was taking care of me instead.One moment in time I will never forget was when he was 8 years old and all his friends were outside playing.It was summer time an they cam e to the door to ask for him an I heard him say NO,I can't come out today my mom needs me to play with her today instead.My heart sank.My little one would get me drink an food or whatever it was I needed.He came into me an would sit with me on my bed an read to me at a time in his life that I should have been able to teach him to read.He took on the reverse role an never complained of what he was missing out on.He told me that through his reading that the love he was giving would show through so much that it would heal me so some day I could read to him an take care of him again.So for this I have been BLESSED WITH MY PRECIOUS LITTLE ONE!!!!!!

jessie'sgirl51 said...

I would love to win the CD, I don't have this one yet.

My precious little one is my niece, Kaitlyn. She's 15 years old now but likes to listen to Rick's music. Even though she doesn't know it, she saved my life one night...I was down, depressed and fed up with everything, but I looked up and saw her picture hanging on my bedroom wall and I realized that I couldn't do something like that to her. She will always be my "precious little one"