Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Lyric went to her first high school dance last night. Homecoming 09. Her date was her very best guy friend. He's a good kid and I'm so glad that they are friends. Here's a few photos.

The girls got ready at our house and the guys showed up at 5. The girls waited in Lyric's room until both boys were here and then they did a big "reveal" entrance. It was so cute.
Lyric's date, L, came with his mom and brother. Her friend, E, had been here but E's mom came and Lyric's god mother came as well. We had cameras going all over the place so there are lots of good (and not so good) photos. And one of my very best guy friends, Mike, came over in his biker gear to be the male contingent. Since Fisher was out of town as was Kelley's hubby, I wanted the boys to know that there was somebody looking out for Han. :-) Sneaky, huh?? I let Mike open the door for the boys and he was just kind of there. He left to go home before we went to the park and Lyric didn't get to say goodbye. She was talking about him and texting him. Good for L to know that besides mom and dad and the biological uncles, she has Uncle Mike, too, and I'm pretty sure that he would take a bullet for her.


Katie said...

Homecoming is always so much fun! Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award at my blog:

Angela said...

So scar..I can't even imagine my little girl going to homecoming (she's 3)

Sounds like a lot of fun.
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