Tuesday, June 09, 2009

When Life Give You Lemons...

buy lemonade ! I created a virtual lemonade stand. You can donate to the Ovarian cancer cause. I'm not entering to win the Electrolux fridge, but you could! I think you can like to that information from my "stand".

The kids are out of school now and it's going to be a busy summer. Lyric is going to be babysitting and volunteering at the hospital. She proved yesterday that she can't really be left alone right now. I won't go into it, because that's not fair to her later one. She made a bad choice, and now I've filled her calendar for summer. We'll see how things go. Since she has 3 weeks of vacation type activities this summer, she'll only have 6-7 weeks at home.

Last night I got my Ipod touch back! I had to reload all of the songs, videos and apps, but it's such a relief to have it back. I also need to reload some CD's so I can get them on there, but at least it's a start. While we were at the store, Lyric was checking out laptops. She decided she wants to get a macbook. With her babysitting money from this summer, she'll be well over half way there, unless she spends it in the mean time. But she's been very good about setting goals and meeting them (IE- paying for NYC)

New York is on the fence again. Everybody has to be willing to put forth some extra money to make it a go. We should know by the end of the month what that outcome will be.

Summer classes started for me over the weekend. I still think it's very funny that my teachers are married. Kind of amusing. Anyway, I'm ahead of the game in math, but we don't get any actually "math" assignments until tomorrow. Up to this point, it's been all orientation type stuff. But I did get 100% on the orientation quiz!

I have homework due Friday for Genetics. I'm half way done, and should be able to finish the rest of it tonight. Interesting class, this Genetics class. I'll keep ya posted.

So, what's going on in your world?? I'm still taking book suggestions. Also, I'm going to be doing a 4th of July giveaway. Keep checking back for details!


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Looking forward to your giveaway!


Mary K Brennan said...

Stopping by from MBC. I'm a new follower.