Friday, March 27, 2009

neurologist, allergist, cardiologist...Oh, my!

Lyric had her 9th grade physical today. I also brought in the medical forms needed for the New York trip. As the doctor is talking to her, asking her the normal/random questions, she is slightly concerned because Lyric says she always gets dizzy when she runs (like in gym class). Dizzy then it's hard to breath. Dr. R says that if it was hard to breath then dizzy, we would chalk it up to "exercise induced asthma", which Lyric was diagnosed with years ago. Since the dizziness comes first, she's referring us to a cardiologist. She also won't sign off on the medical forms until the cardiologist says it's okay.

So, in the past 6 months we've been to see the neurologist (who says migraines), the allergist (who says the test came back normal but to avoid fish since Lyric has had reactions to that in the past) and now the cardiologist. She has basically had a headache since last June. Some days are better than others, but she says she does hurt everyday. If the cardiologist says that her heart has somehow been causing this headaches, I would be so glad to finally have an answer, but also upset that it has taken us this long. If he says everything is okay, then we still have to deal with the headaches (or trying to get rid of them).

If it ain't one kid, it's another!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope they figure out what's going on though. It's no fun to be plagued with headaches.

lynn said...

I sure hope you guys get to the bottom of this soon! That has got to be frustrating!

Jennifer said...

Poor thing. I hate headaches. I hope you guys get to the bottom of this soon!