Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What's in your wallet...um, I mean purse

I saw this at Amy at escape to thought and thought I'd give it a try.

Take a picture of your purse and then pull out all of the junk, I mean stuff, from your purse and show it all. So here goes!

Here's my current purse, I actually changed recently, so this was a fun thing to do and see how much junk was in it already.

Here you go, clockwise: purse (duh), name badge for work, cell phone and charger, pens, girl scout checkbook, change, pile of receipts and misc paper and cookie money envelope, pencil sharpener (notice no pencils), 3 chapsticks, cough drops, sun glasses, wallet, and the other black square is a photo keychain with extra car key.

You don't think I have a pen issue, do you?!? I also have pens in my bag that I carry back and forth to work, and pens and pencils and highlighters in my school bag. This style is my current favorite- I buy them whenever I can find them.


Amy said...

We all have just about the same stuff in our purses :)

lynn said...

Girl, you can never have too many pens! :)