Thursday, March 05, 2009

Looking forward....

Remembe awhile back I was going to play good thing/bad thing?? Well, that didn't pan out as a regular feature, but I have some good and bad stuff today.

BAD-We got our second chem tests back last night. Let's just say, chemistry is not my forte and I may need to look into other options for when I grow up. Since two nursing program entries are contingent on my passing chem, they may no longer be options. I will keep you posted.

GOOD - I'll be having a guest this month. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not telling who, just yet, but if you are a good detective, you should be able to figure it out. I believe this will be happening around 3/17 but the contract isn't signed yet.

GOOD - After the depressing news in chem, I was super excited to check out
Candid Carrie this morning. If this stuff doesn't make coffee come out of your nose, I don't know what will. Carrie has a special brand of craziness that makes me love her more everyday. Hopefully we will meet one day and laugh over all the craziness that makes up our lives.

GOOD - Lyric is getting all A's & B's. (for her this is a bad, she'd like straight A's) But I'm so thankful. We have friends who are having terrible times with their teenagers grades, and my niece is not doing so well either. Lyric makes me proud.

GOOD - Fisher and I are both still gainfully employed. I have three brothers-in-law that are not. It's a tough time all over right now.

I had to throw a couple more good's in there because that chem thing is depressing.

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Amy said...

Thankfully my youngest makes all A's and B's too because my oldests grades suck! YOu should be very proud.

Still pondering about that visitor...hhhhmmm, will be waiting to hear about that one!

Don't forget to visit me tomorrow, for my giveaway details :)