Monday, February 02, 2009

Color Me DUH

I recently realized that there is soo much more to Blogger than I ever thought. When you log in and go to settings/layout and can change/add gadgets....I always thought the only ones available were the ones shown. But now I see that there are categories and all kinds of fun things you can add. Go figure. I'm very much a jump in and go type of girl, and ask questions later.

On a little side note (and what kind of started all this in the first place), I recently joing Weight Watcher At Work. In the past 2 weeks, I have lost 6 lbs. Nice, huh. 19 more to my goal weight.

And on another end note- had some stress and chaos at our house this weekend. You may or may not know that I am anti MySpace, especially for children. Well, Lyric had previously had a myspace account (without permission) and we made her shut it down. Low and behold, she opened it up again a few months ago. Yes, i knew about it, but I also told her to delete it. Well, due to some sort of craziness, she can't log into her email account to get the email from Myspace, to confirm that yes, she does in fact want it cancelled. And, since I hadn't mentioned it again, she thought it was okay to go ahead and keep using it. We found out because she was messing with her ipod touch instead of doing homework and Fisher found that she was logged into myspace. So now I'm furious. Everytime I'm close to giving in and setting up an account for her that I can easily manage, she does something like this. I understand her need/want to have it, but I also want her to be safe. She thinks I'm just stupid.

Any parental thoughts on that one???


Amy said...

Goodness girl, these children of ours are going to drive us to insanity! LOL!

My daughter (almost 12 now) has asked for a myspace. The answer was obviously no. She wants a cellphone, the answer is not no, but HELL no!

We only have one computer (mine) so she doesn't have freedom to play around on it like she would like. She does have a yahoo email addy though, but I rarely let her check it.

Parenting is SO hard!

Unknown said...

Keep a close eye on kids these days with all the trouble they can get into. I wish I wouldve kept more attention on my oldest and she wouldnt of gotten in as much trouble as she did.