Friday, February 20, 2009

Barbara Delinsky...PPPP

Last night was wonderful! Kelley and I headed up to Oconomowoc. We followed Fisher's directions and it worked out great, except for the bypass/shortcut to Lynn's house that we missed and drove all the way around the town. Anyway, we picked up Lynn, grabbed some food (which I'm sure was way over my points limit for dinner!) and went to the Arts Center.

Barabara did a mini meet and greet thing, then we went into an auditorium and she did a reading from the new book, and talked about her career, and answered questions. Then we went back out the lobby so she could sign the books.

It was so cool to be there, talking to her like we were old friends. Lynn and Kelley both took photos for me. It's like I was almost famous for 5 minutes. There was another lady in line who was even taking pix while I was talking to her. And Barbara even asked somebody to take a photo of us together on HER camera! Seriously, how cool is that?!?

Anyway, here's the photos. My desire to write is for my next book....coming soon.

Now head on over to CandidCarrie and see what else is going on.

3pm update: went over to Barbara's site and saw that there were blog entries from her, from the road. Well, wasn't I giggling when I saw my name in print here . How super cool is that!?!? And after reading a couple of notes, I'm glad I didn't bring her a copy of my book.


Amy said...

THat is awesome! Thanks for sharing your pic :)

Ann On and On... said...

What a fun day/night! Inspirational too.

lynn said...

Ha! You make it sound like my town is so big!

Anyway, thanks for inviting me. It was interesting and fun. It was great seeing you guys again and playing paparazzi :)

So which book should I read? I really should have just picked one up there. Don't know why I didn't!

Candid Carrie said...

Oh you must send me an email and tell me more! I am totally fascinating with authors on book tours. Do they let their guard down? Are they really as attractive as they are on their book jackets? Do they speak like they write? Please send me an email and tell me more?

Seriously, I should get a life but do you know how close to Oconomowoc I am? Tell me more!