Thursday, September 24, 2009

A, B, C, or D

It's mid term time for most of the Random House. My kids get mid term, quarter, mid term and semester grades. I don't know why we need grade reports every month, but that's what we get. Lyric is having a little trouble with AP algebra. It's the class giving her the most trouble, so it's also the class she is giving the least effort to. Should be the most effort, but when you're 14 and know everything, that's what you get. She's getting A's and B's in all of her other classes. Getting a C in Algebra. Since she has all AP classes, everything is weighted and that C actually is a 3.0 so she could still end up with a very nice GPA for the semester. it's still early so we'll see how it all pans out. As long as I can get her to keep turning in the homework, we are on the right path. I told her it doesn't have to be perfect, but she needs to make the effort to complete it and then turn it in on time. Seems she was too busy with other things at the beginning of the year to turn in homework. Boys maybe?!?

Jazz is loving school and is thinking she might not want to try out for Fine Arts for next year. This is a complete turn around from last year. She's really getting into her groove. Nothing has completely challenged her/stressed her out so far. YAY! She's reading well, doing good in math, and getting concepts in English/Spelling/vocab that she used to struggle with.

I got my first block grade yesterday in my Lit class. Wait,did I even tell you what classes I have this semester?? I have Chemisty (again!) but it's a newer, better, revamped version of the class I had last spring. This class is geared towards allied health majors. It's a step above HS chem, and not as advanced as chem for say, a science major. Anyway, the teacher is great. Knows his stuff but not too informal. Allows time to ask questions and takes the time to explain things a different way if needed. I also have Microbes and Society. This is basically a review/continuation of Microbiology. This class is all online. And finally, I have Non Western Literature since 1900. Sounds lovely, doesn't it. This class is reading books and writing papers. All online. Right up my alley.

So, back to my grades. For the first book in Lit we had to do 4 papers. One about the author, one about the country and two about different aspects of the book. I didn't do so good on the first one of these, but I ended up with a B for this block. Each book is a "block". I'll take a B! In Microbes, we get our grades by unit, so every two weeks she emails us the grade we received on each section (questions, quizzes, discussion, projects). I've been tallying the grade (because I'm like that) and as of the end of unit 2, I have an 89%. That's almost an A! Yay, me! We are half way through unit 3 so I'll have an update on that in a week or so. Going into last night's chem test, I had like and 84%. I'm hoping to maintain that B. I don't think I can pull an A (But I'm trying) but a B will be just fine. I know it's still early. We have 2 plus months left of the semester, but a lot for me is riding on these classes. I wil continue to keep you posted!

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lynn said...

Keep up the good work! I can't imagine being back in school again.