Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jonas Brothers

Okay, here it is....We got there in great time...went to dinner TGI FRidays)...went to the venue (Allstate Arena)....there was no kind of crowd control and we ended up standing in line outside for over an hour. By the time we got in, the first act had started and by the time we got to our seats, they were essentially done.

The Wonder Girls did one song (apparently a new release) and that was it.

Jordin Sparks. Was. Awesome. I was pleasantly surprised at her performance. Glad we didn't miss that.

At about 9pm, the Jonas Brothers took the stage. Their set lasted almost two hours. Nicely done, boys, nicely done. Here's a few of my pix.

The girls all had a good time. Next time/year, I hope that we can schedule things so Lyric can go.

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lynn said...

That's crazy that it took you so long to get in! Hope Lyric gets to go next time! Maybe we can plan a show together sometime!