Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why are all my favorites guys?

My favorite singers include Rick Springfield,

Rob Thomas,

Jon Bon Jovi,

Chris Daughtry,

and Darren Hayes.

Well, not include. That's it. That's my Top 5 list. If you look at my ipod (when I have it) you will see that these guys have the highest amount of songs/space. Bon Jovi is giving Rick a run for his money...LOL

My favorite actors: well, Rick fits in here too I guess, then

Matthew McConaughey,

Patrick Dempsey,

Jason Thompson.

I guess here we only have a top 4.

nope, we do have a top 5. Was watching TV last night and realized I forgot this guy:

The only female I can think of for either list is Sandra Bullock. She's awesome.

So, why are all my favorites guys?? Is it because there are more male musicians than female?? Is it purely because I'm a girl and I want to look at nice looking guys?? (any of the above mentioned musicians can sing in my ear anyday. i don't care if Darren is gay, I'd still let him sing to me!) Is it truely a phenomenon, or is this common for all women.? I'd like to know what everybody else thinks. Am i weird or is this totally normal??


Hit 40 said...

Matthew McConaughey is definitely the hotest o your list. I need to look up how tall he is!!! I like at least 6 feet.

Hit 40 said...

I am back...

conflicting accounts of his height. Sounds like he is close to 6? Damn!!! I need at least 1 more inch.

Amy said...

Either you are normal or we are ALL wierd. SOme real cuties here!

lynn said...

Most of my favorite singers/songs are all sung by men. I just think, for me at least, is that I prefer the male singing voice over a female voice. Great looks don't hurt either! ;)

That's one of my all time fave photos of JBJ by the way!

The Redhead Riter said...

Patrick Dempsey truly takes my breath away

for you...

Unknown said...

Those are about all my favorite guys too!!!