Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Human Touch time

First of all, let me just say how super excited I am. Yesterday I won tickets to see Rick Springfield at the Wisconsin State Fair. Super Cool! Lyric wants to go, and I think my mom is coming too. How great is that.

but more importantly, the book "Human Touch" is ready! This is a compliation of stories from Rick Springfield fans about how the music and the man has affected our lives. If you are interested in checking it out (or it's predicessor- Karma) click here . Both books are available for download or print copy.

There are 21 stories, in honor of Sahara Aldridge, a fan/friend of Rick's. Sahara played basketball and her number was always 21. Her birthday is today...or would have been. Sahara had a brain tumor, and although she fought hard, God needed her more than we did. All proceeds from this new book are going to MVTH , where Sahara went for therapy. Her parents are on the board now and this is a great organization.

If you are looking for some fun stories, check out these books. Feedback is always appreciated.


Minky Moo said...

you had me at Rick Springfield. swoon!

Hit 40 said...

Oh cancer is awful!!! I really hope for a cure in our life time.

I found you on the mommy bloggers website. I clicked follow :-) Nice to meet you.

Sooz said...

Free RS tickets are the best! Take lots of photos for us :).

I do plan on getting the books, hopefully by the end of the week. Thanks so much for all you did to put those together Amy!