Friday, July 10, 2009

I heart Chris Brady

Okay, I don't really, well, I mean, I kind of do...I guess we need to back up.

Lyric is part of this . There is an actor that she really looks up to (well, several, but stay with me). They were in last year's show (Jonah) together and she is thrilled to be acting with him again this year. His wife helps out with the shows as well, and they have a beautiful daughter (at least that's what Lyric says, I've never seen her). Anyway, Jazz loves him. Loves him loves him loves him. I tease her about who loves him more, her or his wife. It's kind of cute and a little funny.

Last year she was able to get his autograph on the show's program. You would have thought it was from these guys. So, when we were waiting the other night for Lyric to come out after the show (she's typically one of the last ones to change and get upstairs), Jazz noticed Chris Brady.

Jazz: Mom, there's Chris.
Me: Yup.
Jazz: I love Chris Brady.
Me: I know. Maybe you should get a shirt made up.
Jazz: Can I really?

We were waiting and Chris was right in front of us helping clear the stage for the night when I start "sing songing" I heart Chris Brady over and over. (I wish there was audio on here because it's actually quite funny).

We might get her a plain tee and write on it - in the I heart NY shirt theme - I heart Chris Brady and then have Chris sign it.

He's a very nice guy, and a great actor. I hope he knows he has his own little fan club (of at least 1).

As far as her other favorites - We (Jazz and I) are going to see The Jonas Brothers tonight. It will be her first "real" concert. I mean, I've taken her to a couple of Rick shows, but this is the first concert that is her music. Should be interesting just to watch her. I'll let you know how it goes.

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lynn said...

How cute! I'm sure she'll have a ball tonight! It's a great show!