Monday, July 13, 2009

I heart Chris Brady follow up

Oh, I know you are just dying to hear how the Jo Bros concert went...I'll post about that when I get the photos off my camera. But I have a follow up to the Chris Brady post.

Last night was the last performance of David the King. Jazz and I helped out in the concession stand again. She was super exicted about meeting Chris after the show. Until we watched the show, then she got shy and nervous. Lyric said she wouldn't ask Chris to sign Jazz' program unless Jazz went with her. She wouldn't do it.

Lyric really stepped up then and I was very proud of her. She went to say good bye to Chris and told him that Jazz wanted his autograph. Jazz was sitting with face in hands hiding and Chris walked about to her and tapped her knee. Lyric said "Jazz, you just got touched by Chris Brady!". Then she said to him, "She loves you." He said, "And I for that I love her."
Chris took the program, signed by his photo and then said "It was very nice to me you, Jazz."
The whole time she was hiding behind her hands.

She said she was embarrassed...and I guess I didn't help, but to me, he was just a guy. Of course, put me in front of Rick Springfield and I could be hiding behind my hands too!


Helene said...

How sweet that she got to meet him....definitely something she'll remember for a lifetime!!

You know, I've never actually seen a celebrity in person. Well, unless you count Sting, who I saw in concert a long time ago. But nobody fabulously special like Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds.

Unknown said...

I would totally be just like that if I ever met "Edward" from Twilight!!! I know, he's just a guy-not!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, and I'm sending you my Words with a Blogger interview questions so you can be featured tomorrow,ok?